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Chromatic Sunrise Is Back!!

This customer favorite New England style IPA is bursting with tropical and juicy flavors featuring pineapple, mango & strawberry in a beautiful golden hazy color. Cut out of work early and meet your friends to enjoy this juicy IPA fresh!

Now available in our taproom. Check out our current offerings.

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Dankopotamus Wrex – Triple IPA

Dankopotamus Wrex Triple IPA

11.8% abv / 100+ IBU

From the dank depths, it’s waiting. It looks and seems harmless, but it is actually strong, powerful and move with serious speed. Coming at 13.8% abv, this beast of a Triple IPA is serious and should not be taken for granted. With a strong tropical nose right off the bat, you know this is no ordinary IPA. The is a balanced and flavorful beer with a solid hop profile, and you can taste and feel the citrus flavors from all of the hops right from the first sip. Dankopotamus Wrex is an majestic beer, but don’t turn your back on it!

We had to fill our mashtun twice, just to get one kettle’s worth of high gravity wort for this beer and added El Dorado, Sabro, and Idaho 7 hops to our boil. We triple dry-hopped with the same varieties, and finally finished out with a dose of local Zeus hops for a dank aroma and flavor that can’t be beat.


The Dankopotamus is coming… 8/27/2021